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Month: March 2018

How to Plan a Perfect Golfing Holiday in the UK

The idea of a weekend or even a week away golfing can be very appealing but if it is not done correctly, without adequate planning then your dream holiday can turn into an expensive nightmare and quite frankly, that’s the last thing that anyone wants. When you are planning your golfing holiday you need to decide whether you wish to stay at just one course of play a variety of different courses within the same area.


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How To Speak British

How To Speak British

It is a well known fact that if you are traveling to England you’re going to have to learn to speak British. When you talk to an English person they will quickly explain to you that they will not speak English, but only Proper English. This is a British language term to mean British and, as you are about to learn, British and English – while sharing a common syntax, many of the same sounds and quite a bit of vocabulary – are completely separate languages. If you wish to take some English classes with a native British speaker before you travel check out skypeclasscom Continue reading

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