Restaurants in LondonLondon is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the World and therefore, as a result, has an abundance of fantastic restaurants. Whatever cuisine gets your taste buds flowing – you will be sure to find it in London. There are of course thousands of restaurants ranging from smalls cafes to the expensive and luxurious places that are quite literally ‘fit for a King’ so we have tried to aim this guide at some of those that offer great food at a reasonable price. Here are just eight suggestions:


Baiwei is located in Southwark and the name means ‘100 flavours’ in Chinese so by now you will be aware that is an authentic Chinese restaurant specialising in Sichuan dishes. Sichuan food tends to be full of flavour and by that we mean spicy with most dishes including Sichuan pepper and garlic so this may not appeal to those who prefer milder foods. This is another venue where you receive friendly service – something not always associate with Chinese restaurants and is well worth visiting is you are looking for some spicy, traditional Chinese food.


A superb, mid-range French restaurant that is located in the Dartmouth Park area of the London and it would be impossible to create a list of great restaurants without sometime French! The ambience is everything you would expect from a typical Gallic restaurant – tobacco coloured walls, lettered mirrors and even a Michelin man! The food is also typical and the chalk boards advertise steak tartare, boeuf bourguignon and fish soup all of which can be washed down with a glass of wine or perhaps even a carafe if you have the time. It really is not surprising that this restaurant has been full since day one and therefore should be on anyone’s list.


The Barnyard is located in Soho and may be somewhat different to what you expect. Created by chef Ollie Dabbous and friends, this is younger version of Dabbous, a Michelin-starred restaurant that is a far cry from those looking to jump on the ‘wholesome homemade food’ bandwagon although it does try to adopt a farmyard chic image with a huge tree predominantly place as well as distressed wood and oil barrel seats. The food, as you would imagine is fantastic and described as ‘pimped’ variations on traditional dishes.

Anima e Cuore

Anima e Cuore is located in Kentish Town and offers truly superb Italian food that is match for any of the fine restaurants only at a fraction of the price. The owners of the restaurant have worked at some big boys in the city such as Sketch and Le Gavroche and this is visible in the food that they serve up. The place itself stands out due to the decor – or perhaps more to the point the lack of it and the place is certainly viewed as no frills on the decor front although the food is superb. Daily specials, homemade ice creams and frankly everything else on menu is well work a try!

Arabica Bar & Restaurant

Arabica is located in Camden Town and is a fantastic place for lovers of Middle Eastern Food. The venue is certainly not a palace, nor is it a cafe that you would perhaps associate with Edgware Road but a fashionable and modern restaurant coolly located in a railway arch. The staff are all attentive and the food is an explosive combination of vibrant flavours that are sure to set your taste buds a light. If you have never sampled Middle Eastern food, this is the perfect place to give it a go.

Ceviche Soho

Peruvian food may not be one of the first dishes that you think of but Ceviche Soho is a fantastic option. As the name suggests the restaurant is located in fashionable Soho and has come on leaps and bounds since opening in 2012. Typically you can expect to find a dish of citrus cured fish seasoned with chilli and well as around half a dozen versions of ceviche. Other dishes include chargrilled meats and crumbly corn cakes that can be washed down with a sample of pisco sour from the bar.


Situated in Peckham Rye, the Baltic serves up a selection of Polish and Central European Dishes. The restaurant has been around for more than 10 years now and was originally the brainchild of restaurateur Jan Woroniecki. Starters of blini or herring give you a sample of what to expect although these dishes are often underrated but give you an idea of the earthy feel. Inside the place is large with tables closely packed together making this a loud venue that is better suited to a party than a first date. As you would expect, the drink of choice is Vodka and there is an extensive list to choose from.

10 Greek Street

This restaurant located is Shoreditch and is a must with lovers of Greek Food. The menu is far from extensive but this is one of the attractions of the place. Everything that is prepared is done properly and authentically and the menu changes with the seasons to reflect what is available. To give you an idea of what you can expect think octopus, lamb, preserved lemon, chilli and yoghurt and you won’t be far away. Again this is another restaurant where the tables are closely packed together and aids more to a party atmosphere than a date or business meeting.