Money Saving Tips For Travelling Around The UK


While travelling around the UK, you will need to spend money on attractions of interest, food, transportation and lodging, making it almost impossible to keep spending to a logical limit. Here are some money saving tips you might want to consider for your travels around the UK.

plan tripHave a proper travel plan

With a little bit of planning, UK travelling costs can be kept down. Start by finding out the budget places to eat at, visit and stay, even before travelling to the UK. While there, you might want to talk to the locals to find out where the more reasonably priced eateries and stores are. Try to stay away from places that are frequented or that cater to tourists as these are apt to be costly.

Stay in youth hostels

Though not always the best way to see the UK, it is by far cheaper than staying in a majority of hotels around the country. If the opted for hostel serves breakfast, then you can have a good meal there, meaning that you can be able to skip lunch and save the money for other important travelling expenses or on other things of interest.

Travel by foot when travelling alone

The UK is a foot-travel friendly region, and best of all, it costs nothing. Simply wear your best hiking shoes and wander around and see sights of interest.  You will get a great cultural education like in no other travelling option this way.

minibusTravel in hired minibuses with your friends

A good way to see the UK with limited finances is to hire a minibus and travel in a group. In this option, depending on the opted for service provider, travel discount rates are sometimes available for group travellers. And as you are travelling in a group, vehicle hire charges are paid by all of you, meaning that you will end up saving quite a significant amount of money this way, which could be used in other ways to make your travels more exciting and unforgettable.

With hired coaches, buses or minibuses, you can travel all around the UK at a fraction of the cost of driving yourself around the country in a private car. Best of all, the buses come with a knowledgeable tour guide driver who is quite familiar with all the best sites your might want to see.

Group tours can be put together through a number of online UK travel agencies. So if you and ten of your closest buddies have a passion for Chaucer, this travel option could be something worth looking into. The use of hired mini buses or coaches to get to sites of interest while touring the UK can be really convenient. Try them today!