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England? Never Been

England? Never Been


Greetings from Thailand! My name is Eli and I am a copywriter, travel writer, book author, journalist, general roustabout and malcontent, blogger and etc. and etc. As a travel writer there are a few places on my list that I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting, most of them in Europe. One of those places is, you guessed it, England. England! Home of sunny music and rainy days. England! Home of spicy humor and bland food. England! Home of where all the best things in life are free, but also of the where it costs the most to eat out compared to anywhere else in the world. That’d be London.

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Su’s story

 Su’s story


Su's storyHi, my name is Su. I am married to an Englishman and we’d lived together in Thailand for several years.I had been to England three times on holiday (always during the UK summer months)but we decided to move there permanently because my husband had to go back on business for a year. We moved to Telford, a fairly large industrial town situated in the middle of England, where my hus band had lived before moving to Thailand. Continue reading

Travel around London

Things To Do In London

London is the capital of England and the UK. It is the most populous city from the UK which houses more than 13 million inhabitants. This place is a leading global city that has become famous for featuring amazing opportunities in the field of arts, entertainment, education, finance, media, healthcare and fashion. It is one of the most important global financial leaders and is currently the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world. London is the most visited city in terms of international visits in the UK and also has the largest global city airport system as far as passenger traffic is concerned. The city is yours to discover and there are a lot of things to do in London that will most definitely attract your attention.

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Travel Sites To Visit At Maidstone In Kent

Travel Sites To Visit At Maidstone In Kent


MaidstoneBefore we get started, Kent, a county located in the South East of London is a place any sightseer would love to visit. Also fondly referred to as the “Garden of England” this region has a wide array of different flowers, hops, blossoms, trees and shrubs. Locals start off the year here with snowdrops, tulips, daffodils and then the roses. Oh, what a beautiful sight for all to see! Continue reading

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